“Serving the Western US and Canada”


Cost effective roadside ditch maintenance.

“Ditch cleaning is 75% faster and costs are 80% lower in our county, using a new hydraulic nonstop ditching unit that needs only one man to operate.”

– County Engineer


The machine is ideal for subdivision work.  The round ditch is more appealing to the resident who mows to the edge of the pavement.

– City Highway Engineer


“The public has greeted DITCH MAINTENANCE SERVICES with enthusiasm and praise.  The operation does not frustrate property owners with mess and noise, nor does it unduly inconvenience the traveling public.  The department now has the ability to respond to drainage ditch emergencies quickly, because the DITCH MAINTENANCE SERVICES is easily mobilized.”

– County Director of Public Works


“Through a competitive bidding process, the City awarded Ditch Maintenance Services a contract to do routine maintenance within the City of Shoreline. Ditch Maintenance Services’ specialized equipment is able to efficiently remove built up sediment without disturbing the slopes of a ditch.”

– City of Shoreline Press Release