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Cost effective roadside ditch maintenance.

The high cost of road repair has necessitated the use of machinery to clean and create drainage ditches. Without this maintenance, water is allowed to stand on and seep under road surfaces causing deterioration, which in turn requires more frequent and costly road repairs. 

At Ditch Maintenance Services we provide an effective low cost solution to these drainage problems and alleviate costly road repair and replacement costs.  Typical ditch maintenance using a backhoe and one or two dump trucks is very expensive when compared to the single operator DITCH MAINTENANCE SERVICES method of operation.

DITCH MAINTENANCE SERVICES truck – mounted Ditch Master uses a horizontal rotating auger to remove spoil material from ditch bottoms.  Solid materials then travel through a three-stage conveyor mechanism and drop into a 8-10 cubic yard open dump body.  Hydraulic drive units power the cutting and conveying mechanisms.  The rounded ditch bottom created by Ditch Master gives more area for drainage and faster water flow.

The road surface is used as a general guide, with the operator controlling the forward motion through advancing the truck. The unit travels up to 1 mph when skimming and shaping, and uses slower speeds when doing deep renovation. Terrain and soil conditions dictate the speed of travel.

Ditches created or cleaned by DITCH MAINTENANCE SERVICES are environmentally friendly.  Only the actual ditch space is disturbed during ditch renovation.  Conventional ditch cleaning methods typically remove or disturb up slope vegetation by backhoe operations and this creates additional future erosion back into the ditch reducing the time needed before the next cleaning.

Ditches cleaned and maintained by DITCH MAINTENANCE SERVICES are more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The equipment that DITCH MAINTENANCE SERVICES employs, only removes the necessary material from the ditch bed to restore optimal ditch function, reducing unnecessary future erosion into the ditch and minimizing the amount of spills that need to be transported to the spill dumping site.

  1. ‣Save up to 80 % of the normal costs for similar ditch cleaning work.
  2. ‣The single machine operation saves up to 65% in fuel usage.
  3. ‣Ditch cleaning operations can be staffed with one operator and whatever personnel are required to handle traffic.
  4. ‣Traveling at highway speeds, Ditch Maintenance Services is extremely mobile for “spot” ditching where it is necessary to alleviate immediate problems.
  5. ‣Our equipment has the ability to remove rocks up to 5 inches in diameter, sod, grass, small brush, bottles, cans and other similar debris.
  1. ‣This self-contained unit will free up motor graders and trucks, permitting additional operations to be accomplished simultaneously.
  2. ‣Our equipment can clean right up to most obstacles, such as mailboxes, culverts or across pipes.
  3. ‣Inclement weather seldom restricts operation of the Ditch Master.
  4. ‣Our equipment can operate in wet ditches where the use of a motor grader is prohibited.

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